Personal Email Healing Session-$100 usd

With this email healing session you are able to customize your intent for healing and once we communicate a time that you want this healing to take place, I will sit with your energies in the sacred space of the heart and allow the healing of Sacred Hands to take place. This healing could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1hr 30 minutes, depending on what your body, higher self and soul need. Once the healing is completed I will send you a detailed email of what was accomplished during the healing session.




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Anxiety Release MP3 -$25 usd

This allows the mind to relax, to be present in the moment and rest in the consciousness of your heart. This MP3 will also allow sacred healing to flow into the parts of you that keep contributing to your anxiety and each time you listen, another energetic layer will be released. This will reveal the you that can be at peace, that can be free, and that can be present in the moment.